Re: [Evolution] Hiden emails

The more time you spend making your inquiry easily understood, the
more likely it is that someone will spend time trying to understand
the problem. I didn't quite understand your explanations, but I do
have one comment. While you should assume that you're able to import
data from an older version of Evolution, it's not safe to assume that
older versions can import from newer versions. I'm not saying that
this is an issue in this case, but it's worth considering. Also, you
should look up Evolutions version numbers; many users of Evolution
doesn't use Ubuntu at all and may not know which versions of Evolution
is used in different versions of Ubuntu. You can find the version
number in Help > About in most applications in Ubuntu, or using the
commandline application "rmadison", which will tell you the different
versions of a package in different releases of Ubuntu.

rmadison tells me that Ubuntu 8.10 -- Intrepid Ibex -- uses version
2.24.3 (if you've installed updates, otherwise 2.24.1), while 9.04 --
Jaunty Jackalope -- uses 2.26.1. I don't know if 2.24 should be able
to import from 2.26 or not.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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