Re: [Evolution] suggestion for evolution

I am normally not a Mac user. However my wife has a MacBook that I was
using recently with a wireless network. The network went away for 5
minutes. All the apps went into "Offline mode". Then the wireless
network came book (I don't why) and viola the apps went "Online mode"

During this time I spent several minutes figuring out the network had
gone away and why Firefox had suddenly gone into "Offline Mode" on its

This is probably want is meant by transparently, however it would
require event notification from the OS that the NIC to the internet has
gone down.

Err, yes, that's what Evolution does - that's what the NetworkManager
and dbus etc takes care of under Gnome.  Try it and see, unplug your
ethernet cable and Evo will go into off-line mode - plug it back in and
Evo comes back on-line.

The problem that people usually have is that NetworkManager is not
configured properly.  And if you explicitly put Evo into off-line mode
(often by accidentally clicking on the icon at the bottom left), then it
stays in that state until you explicitly put it back on-line - i.e. the
state of NetworkManager doesn't then affect Evo.


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