Re: [Evolution] which is the "next" email in evolution?

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 4:11 AM, Pete Biggs <pete biggs org uk> wrote:

Thank you Patrick. I am using POP to receive the emails. To make sure
it is not my personal configuration's fault
I created a new user and manually set up the same email account.
Currently I can see there are about 800
emails in my email server---it has a web log-in access. So I let my
new-evolution to fetch the emails. Then
I went into the Inbox file and saw all files are in time-order. But to
my big surprise, the unsort patten in evolution
is again messed up. :(

I don't use POP, but I seem to remember that there is some form of
unique message ID number given to each message by the server, is Evo
displaying them in that sequence?


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Thank you for your reply Pete. I did not notice such number:(
But I would do some search on google. Thanks.


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