Re: [Evolution] Reply-To: field on the evolution list

Netiquette, schmetiquette.  Though I usually read this list on my work desktop with evolution, this 
blackberry MUA and others just don't support "reply to list". While I agree with your point, the reality is 
that you just can't expect that those features are available to people all of the time. IIRC, the iPhone <3.0 
also made it difficult to trim posts, and did not support reply to list.

Art Alexion
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On Sun, 2009-10-11 at 15:38 -0700, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
There should be one.  That is of the form:
      Reply-To: evolution-list gnome org

Recently (and not for the first time) I hit Reply to a posting rather
than Reply-to-All, and send a message to a poster when I meant to send
it to the list.

It's another religious issue - as I see it, the message in your inbox is
"From:" a person, so hitting reply should make that reply go to that
person, not to a few thousand other people as well.  I've seen worse
embarrassing miss-posts on mailing lists set with the Reply-To: header
of the type you suggest than the mild annoyance that you got when your
mail went to an individual rather than the list.

If you want the message to go to the mailing list, hit "Reply To
List" (Ctrl-L), not "Reply to All", that will make your reply go to the
proper place as derived from the mail headers and makes sure the person
you are replying to doesn't get two copies.  (Another bit of netiquette
that seems to be forgotten about.)


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