Re: [Evolution] a challenge to the developers

I've not ever had Evolution
hard-freeze that I can recall.
How much of evolution do you use though?  Single POP account or

All day, every day, connected to multiple IMAP servers.

Probably those of us experiencing such frequent deadlocks
are using many of evolutions features.  Personally, I use several IMAP


 address books including LDAP


 and several network based and local calendars.

Yep (I develop groupware software after all)

It doesn't handle network issues very gracefully,
No, it doesn't.  Funny enough I just finished saying so in another bug,
so this is the third time this has been iterated in the last few hours.
I'd prefer they write and debug code.
Well, from all appearances, neither is being done,

How is that?  There is ample evidence of code-writing.
The commit rate of Evolution is very high; at least five different
people committed to EDS in the last week.

Check your facts.

Dude, pay attention to the list.  They just did a complete port off of
Bonobo, which was a big change to the underlying architecture.  Clearly
someone is investing a lot of energy into it.
And that will close how many open bugs? 

It makes the code base much easier for people to work on. So lots.

 Or will that allow us all to
have configurable toolbars and whatnot?  I really don't know the
implications of the killing off of bonobo, but it all sounds like
eye-candy (and whatnot else new features) rather than directly working
towards a goal of the fixing of the many open bugs and making Evolution
usable again.

Do you even know what Bonobo is?  It is an architectural change, and
required to move to GNOME 3.0, and nothing to do with eye candy.

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