[Evolution] a challenge to the developers

I have filed I don't know how many bugs this weekend.  Probably some are
duplicates, but when you have to wade through 79 bugs matching a
function in a frame in a stacktrace, it's just plain out of control.

I am so frustrated with the many crashes of evolution I get a day and
that every time I do crash I have to wait at least 10 minutes on start
up before any vfolders are usable again, only to have it crash again
very shortly.

And many of these crashes and bugs are way too old.  Some have been
around for years and through many, many successive versions of

So here is my challenge to the evolution development team: I challenge
the entire development team to spend and entire development and release
cycle -- yes, an entire 6 months -- doing nothing bug triaging your bug
queue, closing out fixed bugs and duplicate bugs and most importantly,
fixing the open ones.  During this cycle, not a single new feature
should land.  Yeah.  It would be a sucky development cycle, but just
think of the feeling of accomplishment you'd get out of knowing how much
more stable (read: usable) evolution has become due to your efforts.
Think of how appreciative the people that are experiencing the pain will

I for one couldn't tell you how overjoyed I'd be to not see a single new
feature go into evolution until some of the major PITA bugs are fixed.
And that includes the bonobo-killing branch -- for whatever that's going
to do for us.

So what say y'all?  Are you up to my challenge?  I am perfectly willing
and able to help in any way I can.  I can build current releases with
debugging and/or bugfix patches to help.  I can gather stack traces from
crashed instances.  I can drive gdb.  Whatever.  I am soooo frustrated
at this point that I am willing to do anything I am able to.
Unfortunately, the time constraints in my life pretty much eliminate
being able to spend the kind of time I would need to to fully understand
the whole stack and fix all of these bugs myself.


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