Re: [Evolution] SMS Plugin?

I am not sure about Evo Plug-in... But from Ubuntu you can use Waamu... It works fine with most of the 
handsets(plugged in).

As for as Web to SMS you have to find local service providers who can give you bulk SMS packages. You can 
shoot thousands at a time from firefox(upload mobile nos in an excel sheet). In India I use 


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Message: 1
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 10:36:51 -0600
From: Clarke <clarkepr sbcglobal net>
To: evolution-list gnome org
Subject: [Evolution] Cannot empty trash
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I keep trying to empty my trash folder, and the option to delete
individual mails is greyed out.  I get an error that says, "Error while
expunging folder."  "Summary and folder mismatch, even after a sync."  I
have seen a lot of webpages that reference this error, but none that
provide a straight answer of how to finish.  They point to a bunch of
files that I can't fine (beginning with a tilde).  How do I find these
files, and if deleting them is not the answer, does anyone know of how
to remedy this?
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Message: 2
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 17:50:52 +0100
From: Thomas Mittelstaedt <tmstaedt t-mittelstaedt de>
To: Clarke <clarkepr sbcglobal net>
Cc: evolution-list gnome org
Subject: Re: [Evolution] Cannot empty trash
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Am Samstag, den 14.11.2009, 10:36 -0600 schrieb Clarke:
Cannot empty trash

I just did a search of the mailing list archives at

and found that a recent thread, actually the first of the following
link, may be of help!



Message: 3
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 23:57:57 -0600
From: graham atebe com au
To: evolution-list gnome org
Subject: [Evolution] SMS plugin?
Message-ID: <20091114235757 ttcuvgk8gs8kwwkw webmail opentransfer com>
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   Hi all,

We run a small Real estate agency and have just moved over to Ubuntu  
9.10 - however we are unable to find a GUI based SMS application that  
we can use to send SMSs to our clients phones.

   Is there a plug in or something for Evolution that allows us to  
send SMS messages, ewither in bulk or individually to our clients?? It  
doesn't matter if the messages go out via an online provider or via a  
mobile phone that is already attached to the computer via USB (this is  
preferable though).? But more important is for an app that links to  
our client database (which is in evolution) and can be easily operated  
by our receptionist.



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