Re: [Evolution] SMS plugin?

On Sat, 2009-11-14 at 23:57 -0600, graham atebe com au wrote:
Hi all,

We run a small Real estate agency and have just moved over to Ubuntu
9.10 - however we are unable to find a GUI based SMS application that
we can use to send SMSs to our clients phones.

Is there a plug in or something for Evolution that allows us to send
SMS messages, ewither in bulk or individually to our clients?  It
doesn't matter if the messages go out via an online provider or via a
mobile phone that is already attached to the computer via USB (this is
preferable though).  But more important is for an app that links to
our client database (which is in evolution) and can be easily operated
by our receptionist.

AFAIK the Pidgin (formerly Gaim) IM client can send SMS messages and
also has an Evo plugin, but I've no idea if this works or how to
configure it. Unfortunately Pidgin is being replace by Empathy on the
Gnome desktop. See for some ideas.


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