Re: [Evolution] Contacts difficulties

On Mon, 2009-11-09 at 13:37 -0800, Brewster Gillett wrote:
But it is refusing to sort as I have asked - something the
old Evo never had a problem with. If I look at my individual
Contacts, the sort rules are exactly as I have set them up - 
usually last name first for individuals, which naturally is the
default. But when I access the list, to insert an address into
an email message, not only are the Contacts being sorted by
*first* name, but some Contacts are not even included in
that list at all. Now *that*, folks, is hard to understand.

Milan Crha wrote:

I'm not sure, the missing contacts, is it same as this one?


No, not at all the same.


With respect of sorting, there is another bug about it, that every edit
of a contact list reverses ordering of the contacts in a list. But as
far as I know it doesn't sort them by anything, just by the order you
entered them in the list (with a respective reverse of the whole list).


That's not what's happening. Say, for example, I have a contact,
named Robert Arnold. In the Contact Editor, in the block flagged
as "file as", I have it clearly entered as "Arnold, Robert".
But when I am opening the Contacts to look for an address to insert into
an email, and I see the list of names and addresses, ( in the window
"SELECT CONTACTS FROM ADDRESS BOOK" )they are virtually *all* sorted by
first name, not last, including Robert Arnold, who is sorted under
"Robert", not under "Arnold, as his entry clearly specifies.
In addition, there are a few entries in the address book which refuse to
show up at all in that window. 

It would seem this may be a bug. Either that or there's an option switch
I have not yet found that acts to override clear and simple instructions
from the Contacts Editor. But that still does not explain how it is that
several Contacts are just plain missing from the "SELECT CONTACTS FROM
ADDRESS BOOK" window, even thought those contacts *are* clearly present
when I go into the list under other means such as the edit function.

This sort of thing never happened in my ancient, rust-spattered and
dented five-year-old previous incarnation of Evo.



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