[Evolution] Contacts difficulties

Yet another issue crops up in my freshly installed 2.28.1 -
(under Karmic Koala on an AMD Athlon 2.something)
I can live with the system having somehow left behind
several of the Contacts from my old 1.7 or 1.4 or whatever 
ancient Evo it was. I can always re-enter a handful.
And have already done so. Though I fail to understand why,
when copying across that data, it would take part of the list 
and leave behind the rest.

But it is refusing to sort as I have asked - something the
old Evo never had a problem with. If I look at my individual
Contacts, the sort rules are exactly as I have set them up - 
usually last name first for individuals, which naturally is the
default. But when I access the list, to insert an address into
an email message, not only are the Contacts being sorted by
*first* name, but some Contacts are not even included in
that list at all. Now *that*, folks, is hard to understand.

Understand what I am saying, here - these are contacts that
*are* on the master list and can be accessed in the Contact list
edit mode, and their presence verified, but which do not show up,
anywhere, in the pop-up list that is presented when attempting to load
the "To:" in an email.

What am I doing wrong?

I can supply more details if need be.....



W. Brewster Gillett             bg fdi us            Portland, OR  USA
Simply because you don't like to hear it, that doesn't make it untrue.

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