Re: [Evolution] Splitting Mbox

On Thu, 2009-11-05 at 16:53 +0530, Bharath C J wrote:

I have 3 folder which are more than 2.0GB and I am unable to access
them... including my 'sent' folder. When ever I send a mail I get
error -

Error while performing operation.
Failed to append to mbox:/home/bharath/.evolution/mail/local#Sent:
Cannot get folder `Sent': Value too large for defined data type
Appending to local `Sent' folder instead.

I am not a techie... I tried formail...gplsit and other scipts to
split the Mbox... but have not been successful.

Please guide me to split Mbox in a simple way.

mbox folders are just text files with the messages concatenated one
after the other. You can split them with any text editor (vi, emacs,
nedit, kate, ...). Take a look at one of them and it will obvious how to
do it. Just edit the file, move to a point say half-way through, put the
cursor just before the next message, copy everything from the beginning
up to that point, open a new file mbox1 and paste, remove the copied
material from the original, save the remainder as mbox2.



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