Re: [Evolution] Splitting Mbox

El día Thursday, November 05, 2009 a las 08:54:30AM -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan escribió:

mbox folders are just text files with the messages concatenated one
after the other. You can split them with any text editor (vi, emacs,
nedit, kate, ...). Take a look at one of them and it will obvious how to
do it. Just edit the file, move to a point say half-way through, put the
cursor just before the next message, copy everything from the beginning
up to that point, open a new file mbox1 and paste, remove the copied
material from the original, save the remainder as mbox2.

Would be nice if there would be a tool which also keeps the threads in
one file; I know I could do it with 'mutt' (thread sorting the Mbox,
tagging from top to down certain messages and saving them), but a cmd
line tool would be better. 

I will run into the same 2GByte trouble too, because I'm keeping with a
filter any incoming message in a local folder 'backupIncoming' because our
Exchange server is emptying the trash every now and then :-(


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