Re: [Evolution] attachment.dat

I'd still like to know what the mechanism is whereby the reply window
can display the text from the HTML when sending as plain text.

Because the editor widget used is actually an HTML editor and knows how
to interpret HTML into plain text (and sometimes not very well and most
often with some formatting and editing oddities).

 Should I
submit this as a bug or feature request? 

That you would like the display widget to be able to display HTML
formatted emails as plain text?  But you told it not to!  You are
telling the display widget to only display the plain text part, which is
what it's doing. I suppose it would be a feature request though, because
it certainly isn't a bug.

Besides, I don't see much point in it.  If someone has sent an HTML only
email, then you may as well see it in it's full horrible HTML glory if
the display is capable of rendering it.  It may offend you, but at least
you can see it as it's meant to be.  Sending though is a different
matter - only ever send plain text emails, ever.


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