Re: [Evolution] names change using LDAP

Hi Milan,

as far as I can tell, there is a schema file to support evolution fields
fully (or mostly?) on the LDAP server, it's located at:
Maybe you've it installed already, I do not know, but I would expect if
your LDAP server will know this schema, then you'll be able to use more
fields to enter in a contact. (Do not ask me how to install the schema,
I've no idea about that.)

yes, I did install the evolutionperson schema (it's done in the ldap config file)

The behavior you described, the one about saving and reloading misuses
fields, I would call it a bug, deserving filling.

arguably yes, I might file a bug report, though the real problem is much bigger.

I'm sorry for a foolish question, but just in case: Evolution is trying
to interpret parts of a fullname as respective attributes, unless you
enter it divided by the "Full name" edit window, which is shown when you
click the "Full name" button on the first tab. Is it the place where you
check the field misinterpretation after reload of the contact from an
LDAP server? And if no, filling attributes this way, will be they
changed on reload too?

I used the "Full Name" dialog to enter the name info and to check it.


Thanks for your comments!
Regards - Lars

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