Re: [Evolution] Evolution email setup problems

On Mon, 2009-11-02 at 15:00 +0000, robert gagnon1 vzw blackberry net
I've tried setting up evolution for AT&T yahoo email client. After

This is some kind of POP account?  Your SMTP server is setup as

 reading countless FAQs in the Ubuntu forums I am fairly certain I
have configured the setup properly. I have tried uninstalling and re
installing Evolution.

This isn't Windows, that won't do anything.

 when I try sending a new msg it goes immediately to the outbox. It
used to, but no longer asks for my email password.

You probably checked the "remember password" box.

Are you in online mode?  If in offline mode everything will just go
straight to the outbox.

If you click Send/Receive does it do anything?

 Is there a file somewhere that evolution stores configuration info
that has to be deleted to get a complete fresh start for setting up
the configuration? 

Just delete the account in Edit -> Preferences

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