Re: [Evolution] Annoying Bug/Teiken

On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 07:14 +0100, AlpÃr JÃttner wrote:
Lots of people suggest this, but I've never heard a satisfactory advice
on what to use instead. Could you tell me how to send someone say a
simple table if not in HTML? In a .doc or .xls file? HTML is at least
standardized, cross-platform and directly supported by contemporary mail
clients and web-mail services.

use one of the text based browsers to convert it.. (lynx, links, elinks,
etc ).

I was waiting for this "clever" advice. Did you noticed that majority of
e-mail clients - including Evolution - use proportional fonts by

Does Evo use proportional fonts by default?  I didn't think so -
certainly all versions of Evo I've used displays text only (i.e.
non-HTML) mail in a fixed font.  I've just checked Outlook as well - it
displays ASCII only email in fixed pitch.

This makes ASCII figures completely unreadable for most users, so using
them is much more annoying than a HTML mail.

So send ASCII as non-HTML (in the way email was originally supposed to
be) and everything will be fine.


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