Re: [Evolution] removing a newsgroup subscription, manually

On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 13:28 +0100, Milan Crha wrote:


Probably no way to manage subscriptions manually,


What about running evolution with --offline, removing
account, closing evolution, deleting
and starting evolution with --online and reentering the account again?

I have forty-eleven other newsgroups subscribed on the same account.  I
really don't want to have to subscribe to them all again.  This is just

Not so cool but should work.

Not so cool at all.

[1] it just spins and spins and spins -- I suspect there is only a
single socket to the news server and the code that enumerates the
subscriptions is blocked behind the task of reading the group headers.

What's your evolution version?


Do you have debug info packages installed


and can you provide some backtrace of that "it is doing 'something'"

Well, evolution is not locked up and the status bar at the bottom says
it's updating folders from the NNTP server, and evolution is otherwise
responsive.  I don't doubt that it's making progress, I just don't care
to wait for it to download over a hundred thousand message headers, nor
do I care for it to consume the space it will take to store them

What is really needed is an ability to only download some limited number
of recent headers, like Pan does.  Speaking of Pan, it would also be
nice if Evolution and Pan could share their databases so that even
though I might use either client, the data is the same.  I doubt that
will ever happen though.

As far as I tried to play with NNTP last time (approximately a
month ago), it downloads all the group names, but doesn't subscribe to
anything, it keeps all up to you.

Yes.  But it doesn't tell you when you are about to subscribe to a group
with over a hundred thousand articles in it that it's going to take a
week to download all of the headers and consume many gigabytes of space
to store them and then also doesn't let you change your mind and
unsubscribe (until the download is complete) once you discover this and
the downloading has started.


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