Re: [Evolution] Problem viewing calendars on multiple machines

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 02:43:10PM +0100, Jo-Erlend Schinstad wrote:
This discussion has taught me a lot, maybe I play devil's advocate too
much but I'm really not simply moaning about things.  I'm trying to
discuss weaknesses and look at ways to improve - possibly by looking
at radically different approaches.  I know only too well the
programmers mind set (I'm often there) you get sort of tunnel vision
and hammer away at the immediate problem without realising that
there's a totally different and much better way to achieve the same end.

According to wikipedia, thiese are some of the companies that are using
SyncML in their products:

Ericsson, Thomson, Siemens, Reti Radiotelevisive Digitali, Nokia, Openwave,
Sony Ericsson, Philips, Motorola, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Telefónica,
Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, IBM,
Oracle Corporation, Symbian, Celltick, Expway, Mformation, InnoPath,
Motive, Discretix...

I expect you can get a list like that for *lots* of new technologies,
it doesn't mean they're going to become mainstream.  Looking from the
other side though - that's one of the reasons I bought a Nokia E71, it
has SyncMl built in.

I think it might be easier to make sure all clients and servers adhere to the
spesification and works well, than it would be to find some radically different
solution without any support.

In fact all this discussion has set me off on another track, I don't
*actually* use my E71 heavily for calendar and don't very often enter
addresses on it.  So it seems to me that my solution may not be
synchronization at all.  I'll find a desktop application I'm happy
with, possibly one that will synchronise with something on the web by
sharing .ics files and then will update my E71 occasionally from my

Something like Google Calendar?

Possibly, though I'd be much happier runnning my own 'server'.  In
fact running it on my own apache server would mean that no copying of
.ics files is required.  I have a desktop program which I use to
actually change things and something running on my apache server makes
it all visible on the internet.

Chris Green

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