Re: [Evolution] Problem viewing calendars on multiple machines

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 10:12:48AM +0100, Patrick Ohly wrote:

Which confirms what I was saying - SyncMl does know (and thus
*limits*) what is being transferred.  OK, SyncMl can be expanded as
needed to allow more different clients to connect using it but
ultimately it's a dead end because you have so many possible sorts of
data being passed that no two ends ever agreee.

Minor correction: it is not "SyncML the protocol" which limits the kinds
of data that can be exchanged, it is "SyncML server XYZ" or "SyncML
client ABC" which only support certain kinds of data.

  Or are you saying
that the SyncMl "intermediate standard format" is effectively cast in

No, it is not. The implementations choose that, with varying success.

Both of the above make it even worse to my mind.  It means that if I
have a working system with clients A and B connecting via server S
then it's quite possible that clients A and B *wont't* work with a
different server T.  In fact, thinking about my experiences so far,
that is *exactly* what happens.  Each combination of client A (my
Nokia E71), server (eGroupware, myFunambol, a locally installed
Funambol and ScheduleWorld) and client B (usually evolution) works
slightly differently and has different foibles.

It really sounds as if this will *always* be the case until there is a
'cast in stone' set of capabilities for a SyncMl server.

Using Webdav/Caldav to underpin everything means that essentially you
say (in SyncMl parlance) that "these are the things I will transfer"
and there are no more.  Ultimately you 'encourage' both ends to use
.ics format data internally and *that's* when it all becomes
relatively easy.

It's also too limited for many use cases. Do you know any mobile phone
which supports Caldav? Does it work while offline?

I suggest we stop this discussion. Caldav and synchronization (with
SyncML or other protocols) solve different problems. Choose whatever
suits your needs better.

Yes, OK, it's been interesting though and has clarified my knowledge
of how SyncMl works.  Thanks for your input.

Chris Green

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