Re: [Evolution] Problem viewing calendars on multiple machines

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 11:53:05AM +0100, Jo-Erlend Schinstad wrote:
Minor correction: it is not "SyncML the protocol" which limits the kinds
of data that can be exchanged, it is "SyncML server XYZ" or "SyncML
client ABC" which only support certain kinds of data.

  Or are you saying
that the SyncMl "intermediate standard format" is effectively cast in

No, it is not. The implementations choose that, with varying success.

Both of the above make it even worse to my mind.  It means that if I
have a working system with clients A and B connecting via server S
then it's quite possible that clients A and B *wont't* work with a
different server T.  In fact, thinking about my experiences so far,
that is *exactly* what happens.  Each combination of client A (my
Nokia E71), server (eGroupware, myFunambol, a locally installed
Funambol and ScheduleWorld) and client B (usually evolution) works
slightly differently and has different foibles.

I don't think you understand. SyncML is a document format that can be used
by applications providing a certain set of features, like contacts, calendar
data, tasks, notes... However, you should still be allowed to make an
application that only provides contact info, or an application that only
handles tasks. Someone might even want to make an application that
only handles notes! Obviously, the clients and servers choose how they
want to use the document. The document format, however, is versioned so
people know what to expect because that's what SyncML plugins, clients
and servers do.

Your complaint, is that not all applications understand all other applications
datafiles, and that you cannot connect directly to a data source without
some mechanism to protect the integrity of the data, etc. That's just how
stuff works. Probably won't change, and I certainly hope it never will.

You've been complaining for days now; I managed to download, install and
configure Funambol, SyncEvolution and Genesis to work with all my PIMs
and all my different mobile phones, from scratch, in less than two hours.
Are you seeing my point? I didn't rush anything, and I don't have the fastest
connection in the world. It really isn't difficult.

I'm not *complaining*, I too have SyncEvolution and Genesis working. 
I was just surmising that maybe there are other, possibly better, ways
to achieve the same result (well, a better result actually).  While I
have it all working it's far from perfect and this discussion has
helped my understand *why* it's not perfect.

I really feel that the internet would be a better society if people complained
less and fixed more, if people were more interested in learning than they were
in making claims.

This discussion has taught me a lot, maybe I play devil's advocate too
much but I'm really not simply moaning about things.  I'm trying to
discuss weaknesses and look at ways to improve - possibly by looking
at radically different approaches.  I know only too well the
programmers mind set (I'm often there) you get sort of tunnel vision
and hammer away at the immediate problem without realising that
there's a totally different and much better way to achieve the same end.

In fact all this discussion has set me off on another track, I don't
*actually* use my E71 heavily for calendar and don't very often enter
addresses on it.  So it seems to me that my solution may not be
synchronization at all.  I'll find a desktop application I'm happy
with, possibly one that will synchronise with something on the web by
sharing .ics files and then will update my E71 occasionally from my

Chris Green

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