Re: [Evolution] Evaluating Evolution- some basic questions [about the forced hyphens in signatures]

I have a simple method of avoiding the hyphen issue that others might
find useful:  I don't use the signature feature of evolution.
Instead, I have a selection of various signature files (like the
one below) in my home directory.  To add a signature to a mail
I am composing, I use the "Insert" button and insert the signature
as a text file (I never send html mail).  Then the software doesn't
know it is a signature, but the recipient sees it as such.

But that's the whole point - with the "-- " the software DOES know it's
a sig and can then strip it out when necessary ... but that all breaks
down when people top post and put their sig after their own text and
before the included text - then they whinge that it's stripped
everything out.

I'm really trying to understand what is so objectionable about the
hyphens for some people.  I don't really understand.

I intentionally quoted Dr. Reeke's signature above to illustrate.

And your sig was removed by Evo when I replied - good 'ol Evo.

I don't mean to tell people how to write THEIR correspondence, but I'm
really not getting what the problem is, especially because I find the
hyphens (1) unobtrusive, (2) useful in delimiters between the
correspondence body and the often superfluous signature, (3) standards
compliant, and (3) a good way to automatically trim redundant

And then you get people who rather than put an unobtrusive couple of
hyphens they put a row of "*" or "=" or "_".

Also, wasn't there some guideline in the dim and distant past about sigs
only being 4 lines long?  


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