Re: [Evolution] Evaluating Evolution- some basic questions

Interesting, I couldn't disagree with you more.  Perhaps our industries
differ, but in my company's industry (Architectural and Engineering
Services) it is sometimes very important from both an administrative
and legal standpoint to be able to document an entire conversation.
Being able to prove that Bob the Client told Dave the Engineer to
modify the spec for Project Y to include items A, B, and C on [date] at
[time] as well as showing the conversational context that led to and
followed that communication is vital to us.  I wouldn't have the
quoting style any other way.  I understand that it eats storage space
and bandwidth but if a single e-mail is deleted from that conversation (doing it the other way)
it can cast doubt on the entire process.  So that single, final mail with every
back and forth message is vital.  Or several of them if the conversation spans multiple subject threads.  

So you trust, in a legal context, that people haven't edited the
previous messages that you have dutifully copied in each and every
email??  If you don't, and you have to go back to the original emails to
verify the content, then what's the point in copying them each and every

No, top posting leaving all the previous emails intact is purely because
people (a) don't know that they should delete extraneous text, or (b)
they are too lazy, or (c) they *think* it helps provide context.  None
of which, in my view, or valid reasons.  Use threading, it makes things
much easier.


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