Re: [Evolution] Evaluating Evolution- some basic questions

One thing I hate -- and it is Outlook driven -- is an email that
quotes every word of every previous email in the thread, including
every signature and every list tag below each signature.  The hyphens,
with every standards compliant mailer, provide, at minimum automated
trimming of that redundant info.

Interesting, I couldn't disagree with you more.  Perhaps our industries
differ, but in my company's industry (Architectural and Engineering
Services) it is sometimes very important from both an administrative
and legal standpoint to be able to document an entire conversation.
Being able to prove that Bob the Client told Dave the Engineer to
modify the spec for Project Y to include items A, B, and C on [date] at
[time] as well as showing the conversational context that led to and
followed that communication is vital to us.  I wouldn't have the
quoting style any other way.  I understand that it eats storage space
and bandwidth but if a single e-mail is deleted from that conversation (doing it the other way)
it can cast doubt on the entire process.  So that single, final mail with every
back and forth message is vital.  Or several of them if the conversation spans multiple subject threads.  

For purposes of a list like this, I would tend to agree with you.  

As for MS getting it right with Outlook, if I agreed, I wouldn't be writing to you on this Evolution list. 
Evo is not my favorite MUA, an like all gnome apps IMO, it is not as customizable as it could be, but it is 
my absolute favorite way to access mail on an exchange server.

Ah, I wasn't clear enough.  I meant that Outlook got it right on the particular aspects I was referring to.  
Yes, it's (outlook)  bloatware, as are 99.9% of MS products.  No one I know uses even 10% of Outlook or 
Office's abilities.  Can't say that I've ever met anyone that does.  

"Cogito, ergo deus non est.

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