Re: [Evolution] Evaluating Evolution- some basic questions

>You can't, at least not directly. What you can do is turn off the
>preview pane (View->Preview, or Ctrl-M), and then double-click on
>messages to open them in separate windows.

Thanks.  I already had them opening up in new windows.  When I delete the message, a new window with the next message opens.  Drives me absolutely batty.  So really no way to change that behaviour?  Seems a bit of a risk, especially if image preview is on and if a web-based image has some malicious code hidden in it......

Also would like the original message to close when I click reply as I have my Outlook set to do.  Just looking at it from an efficiency point of view this is already hundreds, maybe more, extra clicks per day for me given the volume of mail I receive and send.  

>This isn't special to Evo,
>it's a standard defined in some RFC and exists to make it easy for the
>composer to remove when replying. Since your sig block actually starts
>with hyphens that could be causing the problem (in which case it would
>be a bug and you should report it). Try removing all the hyphens and see
>what happens.

Yes, I'd come across that in my google searches but my concern on that one is mostly that if I ever do implement Evo in my workplace (we're a windows shop) I know my Systems Admin is going to have a lot of people pestering him about those dashes.  ;) 

I did try and remove the line of dashes in mine and still the separator is there.  

I found one work-around- If I create a shell script and use that to create the signature, the default separator does not appear.  Not sure how this will work on windows, will have to install it at work and check it out.  



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