Re: [Evolution] Evaluating Evolution- some basic questions

On Sat, 2009-02-21 at 11:09 -0500, Rob wrote:
First, when I read a message and click the delete button at the top of
the message, I am immediately taken to the next message.  I absolutely
hate this and simply want the message to close so I can again view the
inbox or whatever folder I am viewing at that time.  How can I modify

You can't, at least not directly. What you can do is turn off the
preview pane (View->Preview, or Ctrl-M), and then double-click on
messages to open them in separate windows.

Second, note the one hyphen in my signature above the longer series
below?  I can't get rid of that "hovering hyphen."  I've edited my
signature, of course, but that hovering hyphen doesn't appear there.
How can I get rid of that?  

I don't use automatic signatures so I don't really know. However Evo
separates the sig block from the message body by a single line
consisting of "-- <\r><\n>" (note the space). This isn't special to Evo,
it's a standard defined in some RFC and exists to make it easy for the
composer to remove when replying. Since your sig block actually starts
with hyphens that could be causing the problem (in which case it would
be a bug and you should report it). Try removing all the hyphens and see
what happens.


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