[Evolution] Evaluating Evolution- some basic questions


I'm new to the list and well as to evolution.  I've been an Outlook user for years but have finally expunged windows from my home computers.  I also have some workplace interest in the application. 

Trying to "fine-tune" my evolution environment and, for once, google wasn't able to help me.  There are a couple very annoying things I'm trying to change that I can't seem to. 

First, when I read a message and click the delete button at the top of the message, I am immediately taken to the next message.  I absolutely hate this and simply want the message to close so I can again view the inbox or whatever folder I am viewing at that time.  How can I modify this? 

Second, note the one hyphen in my signature above the longer series below?  I can't get rid of that "hovering hyphen."  I've edited my signature, of course, but that hovering hyphen doesn't appear there.  How can I get rid of that? 

I'm also interested in evaluating Evolution as an alternative to Outlook for my workplace.  We currently use Outlook and Exchange but with the next round of PCs we buy I want to NOT buy MS Office and install OpenOffice.  Of course, I still need an exchange client.  Where can I find some detailed documentation on using Evolution in conjunction with Exchange? 

Thanks for any help or replies. 

"Carpe diem, quam minimum credulo postero."

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