Re: [Evolution] Ctl-Z = undo, Please !!

On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 09:05 +0100, Patrick Ohly wrote:
On Sun, 2009-02-08 at 13:36 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Sun, 2009-02-08 at 12:45 -0500, William Case wrote:
Thanks Bill. If you do that please post the BZ number here so I can add
my 2 cents.

OK, I added a "me too" comment.

Me too. To add some more content to my comment: I mark emails as read
explicitly with CTRL-k. Except when I accidentally hit CTRL-j, which
immediately hides the email in the current folder, so I cannot even undo
manually there... I have to go to the junk folder, find the email, mark
it as not junk. Very annoying.

Good point. The same happens to me.


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