Re: [Evolution] Problems with SMTP account info - mine works

On Wed, 2009-02-04 at 13:13 +0700, Peter Privat wrote:
On Tue, 2009-02-03 at 14:38 +0000, Nick Vallianos wrote:

Perhaps there is a problem with your settings, does the [check for
supported (authentication) types] work when you set up smtp for the
secondary account? Have you checked the headers? Are you working from
within a firewall (they can be nasty too)?

Well... When I post messages, pushing the "Send / Receive" button, I
can clearly see in play text at the dialog box that Evolution is
trying to send my mail to the wrong SMTP server. Regardless of the
settings that I've entered for that account. It will only use the SMTP
settings from the Default mail account. That must be a bug somehow. I
experienced this in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) as well. Same problems with
the Evolution. I hoped it would be fixed on Ubuntu 8.10. But not. I've
imported all my mail settings from Ubuntu 8.04. 19 accounts in total,
using 2 different mail provider settings (50% on each). 

So there's no known manual fix for this issue then?

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I'm using Evolution 2.24.3 with Ubuntu 8.10. I've never used Evolution
before and am not experiencing this problem. I have two gmail accounts
set up and they both send via their own smtp accounts/servers.
I know this isn't any help to you in resolving this, but I can't see
that it's a bug/feature ;).
Hope you get it sorted.

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