Re: [Evolution] New, reply, forward buttons freeze Evo 2.24.0

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 05:30 -0400, Andrew Greig wrote:
I have just installed Mandriva2009, complete with a shiny new Evo 
running SQL Lite.  I must confess things are moving faster now, 
Contacts is positively zipping along.

I am, however experiencing trouble with the mail side of Evo.  I can 
read my mail, but cannot get the New, Reply or Forward buttons to 
succeed at their tasks. As a consequence I am writing this from a 
webmail account - yuk!  When pressing any of those buttons Evo hangs 
and must be killed!  I have tried $evolution --force-shutdown to try a 
clean start, but the problem remains.  Is this a known bug?

Hi Andrew,

Do you get a mail composer window to come up at all, or does it freeze
after you start typing an email address?  In the latter case, it might
be getting stuck while trying to complete an email address for you.
Check whether "autocompletion" is enabled for any of your address books
(particularly remote ones like LDAP) by going to Edit -> Preferences ->

Also, can you please file a bug about this at
so we can investigate this further off the mailing list?

Matthew Barnes

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