Re: [Evolution] Who is maintainng evolution msi builds found on ?

That's great - I will monitor this place(es). Again i would appreciate
it very much, if the builds could happen on a more 'regular' basis.

Sure. It's just that I have other things to do, too. 
Evolution is not
the primary thing I work on at Novell. And there are problems with
Evolution on Windows still. 

That's totally understood and for that the more i appreciate your work,
support and responsiveness.

For example the nterface to GroupWise and
Exchange servers is kinda flaky, and I would much like to solve those
problems before uploading fresh builds. I assume you use IMAP or POP
for reading mail, and SMTP for sending?

Yes (IMAP&POP/SMTP). First trying to get this up and running (primary
focus on IMAP) before i will step forward to exchange/groupwise testing
Exchange testbeds are available to me, for Groupwise i have to prepare
fresh installations. But it can be accomplished if i manage to get
installation media for groupwise testing environment. We own/hold
storage space and comupting ressources for 'playgrounds'. In addition I
do have access to some LotusNotes Installations as well

So - if you or others provide the binaries (and perhaps your initial MSI
sources) I am willing to jump in and maintain the corresponding MSI
builds on a more regular basis.

I (and my colleagues at Novell) will have to consider that. Currently
I produce the MSI from an "install image", i.e. a tree into which I
have unzipped the zip files of the constituent packages, using a small
Perl script that produces an input file for WiX. This works nicely,
but is a kind of barebones solution.

I think I would start in similar manner. Just set up an initial
deployment tree, automate the generation of that tree form
binary-zips/check-out then of WiX files and then add the 'bells and
whistles' to make the MSI more comfortable and problem aware one after
I am not an WiX Expert, but I am on my way....(it's a long road though)
Would be a nice new challenge to augment my knowledge on this.

Best Regards

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