Re: [Evolution] Who is maintainng evolution msi builds found on ?

does anybody knows who ist maintainig the msi-builds found on ?

I uploaded them there, but they are not "maintained" as such.

I would like to file some enhancement suggestions (e.g. jpeg62.dll is
missing after install and should be included in msi build).

Thanks for notifying, will take care of next time I upload a build.

Where can i find the win32 builds used for the MSIs? Is there a known
repository? I didn't found any actual win32 builds on or newer

There aren't any recent zip files for just evolution (or e-d-s). When
I build some, they will be uploaded to the place where you looked,

(As such it is interesting  that you actually want zip files with
Windows binaries for the individual modules ("module" in the "separate
source distribution" sense); people usually complain loudly for
instance about the GTK+ stack that it is hard to install on Windows
because each module is (was) available on as a separate
zipfile, and the great majority of people seem to find it preferrable
to download and install just a single installer or a single "bundle"


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