Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.22 and Date Format

On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 09:28 -0700, Daniel Qarras wrote:

This has been asked before but no clear answer how to get this working can be found so one more try.. :-)

I'd like Evolution to show all dates in the ISO 8601 format, currently Evolution shows confusing amount of 
different format, e.g., 5:23 AM, Today 8:23 AM, Yesterday 11:23 AM, Thu 26, 4:23 AM, Jun 26, 4:30 AM, ... 
So I'd like to see only one format to be used to avoid confusion and ISO 8601 would look nice, e.g., 
2008-07-10 23:32.

I've tried using different locales, mainly the well-known en_DK which defines ISO 8601 format for its 
LC_TIME, but it does not work, i.e.,

LC_TIME=en_DK evolution

still comes up without ISO dates while for example

LC_TIME=en_DK thunderbird

works as expected. Using LC_ALL, LANG, or other variants does not help nor does en_DK.UTF8 or locales.

So, how could I change the way Evolution represents dates? I'm using Evolution-2.22 on Fedora 9.


there is no way at the moment, the strings representing date formats in
Evolution are localized as other strings.

There is a bug about adding such configuration option to Evolution, but
not fixed yet.

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