Re: [Evolution] edit "from" field in composer (i.e. "+" addresssupport for mailing lists :P )

On Mon, 2008-01-07 at 13:12 +0100, Daniel Maher wrote:

I took a look at the mail archives, and noticed an item from 2005 in
which somebody asked this very question.  Unfortunately, there were no
useful responses (i.e. "no, you can't do that.").  I am curious to
if - 2.5 years later - this functionality has been added to

Trying to be blunt, but not rude here, but it occurs to me that if it is
not too cumbersome to go to all of the trouble of creating new accounts
to subscribe to each list, why is it too cumbersome to add those
accounts to evolution?

The functionality you ask for seems most useful to spammers who wish to
forge the "from" header.  I would hope that evolution does NOT add this
functionality.  Is there a reason why you need separate addresses for
each list and why you don't want to actually USE those accounts on your

I am going to guess this is why the 2005 post did not get any "useful"

Art Alexion

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