Re: [Evolution] Asking for password everytime when open evolution

On Sun, 2008-01-06 at 06:55 -0800, Tanveer Chowdhury wrote:
I have joined a ubuntu PC in our windows 2003 server and made AD users
authenticate against the AD in Ubuntu. Now I can easily login in
Ubuntu with AD account and password. Now I configured evolution with
exchange connector and can send / receive mail easily. But the problem
is after login with AD username and password whenever I open evolution
it asks for AD password and I mean everytime. But if I keep evolution
open then no problem. Just when you click to open evolution its asking
for AD password. 
Any idea how to stop that?
FYI, I can easily access windows file servers accesses without getting
the prompt for password. 
Please help me on this as I just got stuck in it and a deadline is
ahead to move a lots of windows users to linux that is ubuntu with

Please provide us with some basic information: what version of Ubuntu
are you using?  What version of Evolution are you using (use

Do you have to use an AD domain when you log in, or just the default

Have you checked the box in the password dialog that says "save for
future sessions" or similar?  If you go to Edit -> Preferences, select
Mail Accounts and your Exchange account then click Edit, then go to the
Receiving Options tab, what options do you have selected?

If you go to System -> Administration -> Keyring Manager, do you see an
Exchange key in the keyring?

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