Re: [Evolution] ANNOUNCE: ZCS Evolution Connector 0.1 released

On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 12:49 +0900, Murray Trainer wrote:
I have submitted a few bugs recently but there doesn't seem to be any
activity lately.  Is a new version of the plugin that fixes some of the
issues likely any time soon?

Hi Murray,

I think I'm the only one maintaining the Zimbra connector at the moment.
I've not had a chance to look at Zimbra bugs much this month -- been
engaged in other Evolution activities -- but I'll try to do that soon
and get a bug fix release out.

Matthew Barnes

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the update.  Our users can probably live with the Sent folder
issue but the Contacts Password and Meeting Acceptance issues are
showstoppers for us.  With those two issues fixed we can probably let
some of our users at it to do some more testing.  I am keen to test any
fixes you can provide.  

Thanks again


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