Re: [Evolution] ANNOUNCE: ZCS Evolution Connector 0.1 released

The first public domain release of the ZCS Evolution Connector, version
0.1, is now available for download at:

About ZCS Evolution Connector

Zimbra for Evolution allows two-way, online/offline synchronization of
email, addressbook and calendar data with a Zimbra server. Email is
handled through the standard IMAP protocol. Address book and calendar
data are handled through Zimbra's SOAP APIs.

After installing the plugins and extensions, users can select accounts
of type "Zimbra Collaboration Suite" and their emails, contacts and
appointments will show up in Evolution.

What's New in 0.1

  * This is the first formal release since the ZCS Evolution Connector
    was dedicated to the public domain.

  * Builds against current Evolution releases (2.12 and 2.21).

  * Bugs fixed in this release include:

    SF #1844149: Patch for Evolution 2.12 and beyond
    SF #1848712: addressbook/: replace deprecated function
    SF #1848719: calendar/: fix some warnings and indentation
    SF #1848721: eplugin/: fix indentation and update function call
    SF #1848723: libezimbra/: fix compile-time warnings and crasher

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release:

  Ben Kahn
  Emil Soleyman
  the Red Hat Help Desk folks

Hi Ben,

I have submitted a few bugs recently but there doesn't seem to be any
activity lately.  Is a new version of the plugin that fixes some of the
issues likely any time soon?



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