Re: [Evolution] layout question

I do not know how to do this in the UI, but you can look into
where are stored your views for each folder. You only need to define
your view in one of them in the UI (through View->Current view->Save
custom view, and name it properly, so you will know what is your view).
Then just close Evolution and remove all other custom-*, current-* xml
files from the directory mentioned above (but definitely keep there the
*.galview file(s) and galview.xml file).

Finally run Evolution and I guess it will use your previously saved view
(the one named in galview.xml, which will be used as the default view, I

When I'm thinking about it, then the proper way to set this from the UI
is very similar, just define your view, save it and select it in each
folder, but doing this 50 times would be a bit hard, I agree. (Anyway,
if the first thing with moving files out will not work, then I have
nothing better than this, I'm sorry.)

        Hope that helps,

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 17:07 +0300, Vasiliy G Tolstov wrote:
I'm using Evolution 2.21.90 under Gentoo Linux.
I'm having 50 folders in my Inbox (all subscriptions in separate
folder). In all folders i want to sort messages by date descending
(threaded view). I want to Subject in first column (50% width of my
messages list area), From is in the second column (30% width of my
messages list area), Date in the last column (remaining space).

To change view in all folders a have spend much time, whether it is
possible to change view in all folders in one time?

P.S. Sorry for bad English.

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