Re: [Evolution] Evo crash - details

Suman Manjunath wrote:

It appears Evolution seems to crash for that 'one particular mail'.
Could you please file a bug for the same crash in ?
You could also attach the mail  (after removing sensitive information)
to the same bug.

If a particular mail causes Evolution to crash repeatedly, you could
try to resolve the problem by using the --disable-preview option: i.e.

$ evolution --disable-preview


On Feb 17, 2008 2:43 AM,  <andrewlgreig netscape net> wrote:
Hi all,

In a previous post I said that Evo was unstable.  Now it starts and
crashes within 2 seconds.  I started it from a console and here is the
Hi Suman,

It seems my problems were more related to a memory mismatch. Windows was unstable as well. I went to another computer and googled for Athlon 2400XP + BIOS settings.

Changing my memory to Auto and my chip output to 133Mhz has enabled me to run Linux and Windows again. As soon as I find out why my Linux side cannot get through my firewall I will test Evo again.

Andrew Greig

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