Re: [Evolution] can't install evolution in FC6

On Thu, 2008-02-14 at 17:06 +0000, Pedro Freire wrote:
Hello list,

First, can I ask that you don't 'reply' to an unrelated message if you
are sending an unrelated email - you may have changed the subject line,
but the email contains information about the message you replied to and
so is threaded with the "back from Outlook" thread.  It makes life very

I am using FC6 updated via yum.

I tried to install Evolution 2.12.3 and have been failing doing that.
It asks for gtk+ >= 2.10.

I tried to upgrade it and have now gtk2-2.10.13, however it still 
doesn't build evo.

Any idea why ?

As other threads have said - Evo is inextricably linked to Gnome
versions - it is dependent not only on gtk, but on a whole raft of other
libraries.  The only reliable way to get hold of Evo 2.12.x is to
upgrade to Gnome 2.12.  To be honest, with Fedora, the easiest way is to
do that is to upgrade to Fedora 8 - especially as FC6 is no longer a
supported OS.


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