Re: [Evolution] back from Outlook

Shrikant Navelkar wrote:

7.  Outlook has more import / export features than evolution. 

That's a difficult one!  The primary platform for Evo is Linux, and
import of Linux prevalent formats (i.e. open ones) is fine.  What Evo
won't (or can't) do is import proprietary formats. 

But don't you think that that's required ?. 
When we are encouraging Windows users to move to Linux, import of
proprietary formats should be possible. May be development team can
think over it. There is no straight forward solution to migrate from
Outlook to Evo. 

Andrew Greig writes:
I have just been down this road, and the process is Outlook>Thunderbird
(Win) Importer>Evolution (Linux).  The reason one cannot use the Linux
T'bird is because certain windows dll's are necessary for the import to
succeed.  Thunderbird does a great job of this, including automatically
handling the nested folders in the Inbox.  The Contacts go neatly into
address book.  But there is nothing that I have found to handle the
import of the Calendar from Outlook.  I tried installing Mozilla Sunbird
(Calendar) in the hope that it would have a calendar import feature -
unfortunately not.

Then before importing the Inbox folders, one needs to make an identical
directory structure in Evo, to the original Outlook structure. This is a
very time consuming process.  It would be nice if a script could do
thatin one go if supplied with a list of folder names. (Sorry, over my
head stuff).  Once the list is generated then each folder is imported on
its own from the DocumentsandSettings\ApplicationData\Mozilla
\Thunderbird folder in Windows.

To speed things up I copied the child folder to my Linux desktop,
otherwise for each import I would had to navigate through at least 6
levels.  Each folder is imported using "Import a single file".  A drag,
but it works.  Contacts work in one go. If you read the manual along
side of what I have written here it should be easier for you.

I still need to import a Calendar.  My next hope is to get a SynCE
synchronisation working with an O2 XDA Jas Jam smartphone, and use that
to transfer the Calendar data.  At this stage my progress is flaky.
Need some help with Raki.

Andrew Greig
Melbourne, Australia

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