[Evolution] back from Outlook


After 4 years of working with Evolution , I had to temporarily shift to Outlook. I am happy that after a month I am able to shift back to evolution.

While working with Outlook few things struck me :

1.  All  Outlook feature (I required) are present in Evolution.

2.  The GUI in Outlook is better. The font size and toolbar size is smaller and hence it gives a better view. I am yet to figure out how to change toolbar and font size in Evolution (under KDE).

3.  Outlook is  definitely slower than Evolution.

4.  One important feature / convenience for Outlook end user is that they don't have to compile the software / new version. I had a nightmare compiling  Evolution 2.12. As an end user I would love to get a compiled (rpm) of new stable version.   

5.  In Outlook calendar I can give different colors to my follow-up categories. I understand this feature is not present in Evolution 2.10.3

6.  The filter rules worked more consistently in Outlook

7.  Outlook has more import / export features than evolution.

Folks, these are my observations. As a loyal user of Evolution I would like to see how evolution scores above Outlook in every aspect.

Comments are appreciated.


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