[Evolution] Testing Exchange Mapi Branch


since my company has forcefully moved us all to Exchange 2007 Server I needed an alternative to the old Exchange Connector.
So I tried to test the svn version of the EXCHANGE-MAPI-BRANCH.
After a LOT of problems getting it to work.
(Needed the SAMBA 4.0 Test branch, plus manually placing the openldap patch, adding a missing .h include and a missing typdedef, etc)
I finally got it to work.
But it is extremely SLOW and seems to not understand most of the mails.
I am getting TONS of "illegal multibyte character" conversion errors which seem to result in not showing the @ sign in any emails.
So replying to an email is cumbersome to say the least.
Also refreshing of the inbox is very slow, as it seems to read the complete attachments each and every time it refreshes.
Unfortunately the "EXPUNGE" folder does not work, so the inbox keeps growing, which makes refreshing it even slower over time.

Maybe I am missing some configuration details here?
E.G. is it somehow possible to get the multibyte character stuff working correctly?

I would be happy to help testing as I really like the possibility to use my Linux box for emails and not needing to startup Windows just for my emails.

Great work so far and let me know if I can help.

Best regards,


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