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Hello Shrikant,

On Wed, 2008-02-13 at 16:55 +0530, Shrikant Navelkar wrote:

On Wed, 2008-02-13 at 10:33 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote: 
2.  The GUI in Outlook is better. The font size and toolbar size is
smaller and hence it gives a better view. I am yet to figure out how
to change toolbar and font size in Evolution (under KDE).

It follows the Gnome settings, so you need to run something like
'gnome-appearance-properties and set it in there - or fire up a gnome
session and configure that how you like it.

Thanks for your comments. I will check in gnome. 

4.  One important feature / convenience for Outlook end user is that
they don't have to compile the software / new version. I had a
nightmare compiling  Evolution 2.12. As an end user I would love to
get a compiled (rpm) of new stable version.   

The Evo versions are linked to Gnome versions - you are using FC7 I see,
so the only way of getting an RPM of 2.12.xx would be to do a wholesale
upgrade to Gnome 2.12 - or upgrade to F8.

If Evo wasn't so intensely linked to Gnome, like Thunderbird, then I
suspect that upgrading in a mixed environment would be much easier.

why Evo versions are so tightly integrated with gnome ? I am sure
there a substantial community of KDE users out there. Was it a design
decision ? 

6.  The filter rules worked more consistently in Outlook

In what way?  I've never used outlook filters, but I don't see an
inconsistencies in the Evo filters. 

In my case some filters are not working consistently. May be I have
complicated the rule.

There was a slight problem with the filters causing crashes. It's been
fixed in this revision


7.  Outlook has more import / export features than evolution. 

That's a difficult one!  The primary platform for Evo is Linux, and the
import of Linux prevalent formats (i.e. open ones) is fine.  What Evo
won't (or can't) do is import proprietary formats. 

But don't you think that that's required ?. 
When we are encouraging Windows users to move to Linux, import of
proprietary formats should be possible. May be development team can
think over it. There is no straight forward solution to migrate from
Outlook to Evo. 

PST import is one thing we are looking at. I am working on a plugin for
Evolution that can import .pst files (2000 and 2003,2007 formats). I've
it tested for Mail and Contacts importing and it works great :) 

It will be committed in the next cycle.



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