Re: [Evolution] POP3 mbox performance and auto-expunging?

Sorry, but that makes no sense. The only explanation I can think of is
that the TB version wasn't actually compressed, either because you
forgot to do it or because a bug prevented it from happening.
No, I expressedly asked it to compact the folders. The reason (I think) thunderbird weights so much is in big part explained that, for some unknown reason, all the mails are there twice; there are two folders in the Mail folder for the same account (and there was only one account, and everything seemed normal). Whatever, thunderbird's part of the past now.

"Compression" of mbox mail folders merely consists in copying them and
skipping over the deleted messages. It has nothing to do with the usual
meaning of "compression" (zip, gzip, etc.)
Yeah, sorry about the confusion, I actually knew that, I understood that it was not compression "as in gzip"; I should have used the term "compacting" instead.

One of your two inbox folders is a regular folder. You should be able 
to drag the contents of the regular folder into the system folder, 
then delete the regular folder. If you get duplicate entries, they 
will show up if you sort by date. Been there, done that.
>From the testing I had done, I was completely unable to drag and drop mail into one of the maildir account's folders (such as "inbox").

With a mbox file, on an ext2/3 file system, the system doesn't seem to
be able to deal with the file as a mail-type file.  It works perfectly
well as a data or source file, until you try to read it with a mail
program (mutt, mailx, evolution, thunderbird)
What do you mean, on ext3 a "mbox" format mailbox won't be able to be dealt with, or is that it can't deal with maildir, or...?

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