Re: [Evolution] evolution systray

On 14 Aug 2008, at 17:10, tim wrote:

i want to say my hat's off to you guys and all you do.  i have an idea
for the next update of evolution...

could you make it so when i close it the program still runs in the
systray?  i like deluge because it minimizes to the systray and pidgin
for the same reason. even rhythmbox too. everything runs great on the
program; that's just a feature i am looking forward to.

Note that minimising to system tray (at least by using the standard minimise or close buttons) is a behaviour rather frowned upon by GNOME's usability folks, however :)

Minimise buttons should minimise, and close buttons should close. If you want to add a button that does something else, then fine, do that and call it something else. But please don't make the minimise or close buttons do things they're not supposed to...


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