Re: [Evolution] Selected items in calendar, task, and memo lists

Sean F wrote:

Is there anything I can do to force the calendar, task, and memo lists to
simply use the GTK theme selection color on selected items? Maybe some
sort of gtkrc setting?

Ok, I found a sort-of-solution for this:

1. Launch gconf-editor

2. Go to apps/evolution/tasks

3. Edit each value in the source key to remove the value of color_spec - so
you end up with color_spec="".

This isn't ideal if you have multiple task lists, because you lose the
different colors. But it does make it MUCH easier to see the selected item
in the task list.

Would still love to have a way to keep the colors, but still have the
selected item in the list pick up the regular selected item color from the
gtk theme.

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