[Evolution] Message to task

Evolution 2.6.0 on SLED 10.1

People send me emails asking for help doing stuff.  I can right click on
the message and "Convert to Task".  But instead of converting it to a
Task (To Do), it creates a meeting out of it and wants to send out
invitations to everyone on the original email.  I can edit it, but I
can't edit the recipient list.

This is a bad, bad thing because
     1. People don't necessarily care about MY to do list, and don't
        want to be sent copies of it, and
     2. I may want to put in some notes to myself that are not intended
        to be shared.

Suggestions? Solutions?
Art Alexion
Resources for Human Development, Inc.          215-951-0300 x3075
4700 Wissahickon Ave.                                 art rhd org
Philadelphia, PA 19144                                www.rhd.org

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