Re: [Evolution] Bug

Pkill just searches for all processes of the current user which match
the leading pattern evolution and kills them.

evolution --force-shutdown kills

In this case there isnt much of a difference since you probably
dont have any other application called evolution-* which is
running but is unrelated to evolution.

Its fairly straightforward to see that using evolution --force-shutdown
is a much safer bet.

Hope that helps.

the -f flag matches on the entire command line. yes the
--force-shutdown, any how I just used this option and it has the added
benefit that it restarts evolution for you so a much better plan (I

The real question is why does evolution have so many problems? I restart
10-15 times a day.

First I thought it might be a problem with the exchange option of
"synchronize for offline usage" I won't try to get the exact wording
because that is what caused evolution to hang for 5 minutes during the
last reply. 
Why did I think this? because most of the time the status bar would get
a "Retrieving message 1234123421..." and a "Downloading for offline
usage..." the text may be off some on these I apologize if that is the
So, I turned this off and well it was better for a couple of hours and
then it was back to the same old problems no mail showing up. can't
change to a different folder.
Although I do get a new error dialog more often, "Can't refresh folder,"
and a few "Could not contact server", "lost contact with backend
exchange process", but these do not all of these require restarts.
Filters on exchange 2.12.0 seem to have stopped working whereas they
worked on 2.8, but that was much worse about staying connected and
getting new mail.

Then I submit questions and get no answers, but, I have found out that
if I submit a slightly wrong answer for somebody I do generate replies,
and I appreciate Patrick correcting my mistakes, I will not make the
same ones again.

BTW, entourage the MS mail client for Macintosh can sit here next to my
Linux box and run all day, reminders pop up, mail comes in, no problems,
so I am pretty sure that it is not a network issue.

So, sorry to take over your original string with my complaints too, but
I do have a vested interest in getting tools that will enable an
enterprise to use a Linux desktop and not have these sorts of issues.

Todd Ness 

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