Re: [Evolution] Bug

On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 06:35 -0600, Todd Ness wrote:

On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 08:23 -0400, Rob Cambra wrote:

I represent a company with 600+ end users.  We are actively seeking
replacements for many Microsoft technologies such as Outlook/Exchange
and MS Office.  We are currently testing and Evolution
with select users and the IT Staff.

The biggest complaint we see with Evolution after one month of use is
the apparent inability of Evolution to properly handle HTML-based
e-mail with Internet content.  For instance, when a user receives an
HTML message with graphics and other content fetched from Internet
locations, the reading pane (lower right pane) freezes.  At this
point, you can't use the reading pane anymore and Evolution can't be
closed out.  The only option to return Evolution to normal
functionality is to log off the user.

We've seen this behavior on Ubuntu 7.10 using Evolution as an Exchange
client.  This is meant as constructive feedback because we want your
technology to succeed.
Some things I have found to make evolution a little better.
give it a wrapper script similar to this.

ulimit -n 1024
exec /usr/bin/evolution

the file limit helped a lot.

Interesting. I don't think EVOLUTION_COUNT_TRASH is relevant here

Also, instead of logging the user out you can open a shell and run:
pkill -f evolution
and then start your client up again.

The canonical way to kill Evo is "evolution --force-shutdown", but of
course "pkill" is easier to type. Is there a difference? I've no idea,
and the online help is silent.

I have been asking several questions the last 2 weeks about why
evolution freezes as well and have not seen much help.
I would assume that they will need more information such as the version
of evolution you are running.
run this command in a terminal...
rpm -qa|grep evolution 

The OP implied he's using Ubuntu, so no rpm. Within Evo, Help->About
gives you the version info.


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