Re: [Evolution] How to get new addresses automatically addedto"contacts"

On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 11:06 -0400, Dinbandhu wrote:
It seemed indeed by your description that this was what I was looking
for. But today when I went to the Automatic Contacts Tab, I found that
it was already checked! That is, the option was already enabled. --But
do not find that it works. For example, I have been writing a
person, and every time I begin to type his e-mail address in the "To"
window, I hope that Evo will cue me by completing the e-mail address
I don't have to type it all. But it never does so. 

Sounds to me like the auto contacts are being added to an address book
that you have not selected for autocomplete in your Prefs.  I am using
evolution-exchange so I have 3 addressbooks: local, GAL and Contacts.
If I have the auto-contacts being added to local, but only have
autocomplete enabled for GAL and Contacts, they will not show up when I
start typing the address.

Art Alexion

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